Conservatives: The New Rebels

Madness has descended upon the West. The PC agenda’s proponents have become militant; to dissent with any one of their number of holy wars is to be labeled a danger to society. Common sense has been thrown out the window in favor of left-wing anarchy: parenting decisions are made by the government; homewreckers are immune to disdain, lest anyone be accused of slut-shaming; and now we must refer to “non-binary” individuals using plural pronouns (we, they, them, etc.), because they do not feel represented by the usual gender distinctions of male or female. Conservatives, especially millennial conservatives, often feel marginalized and afraid to speak their opinion for fear of the social consequences it may bring. But deep inside, so many of us know that you can’t do whatever you want without consequences, and absolute morality is real and a crucial component of a stable society.

It is a supremely unfashionable idea. Absolute morality and conservative ideas are what free love and weed for all were in the 1960’s: totally counter-cultural and provoking strong criticism from mainstream media and political figures. Now we have free love and weed for everyone, and our problems are multiplying; those of the younger generation who realize this and take hold to conservative ideas are seen as radicals. Absolute morality, which is certainly not preached in the liberal cathedrals that are today’s universities, is the only way to combat the spread of tyranny and depravity, because without it there are only smoke and mirrors disguising the real foundation of the secular worldview: anything goes. (For more on worldview, I highly recommend reading Discipling Nations: The Power of Truth to Transform Cultures by Darrow Miller and Stan Guthrie).  You are no longer a cultural rebel if you are a pot-smoking, promiscuous socialist; you are now a cultural rebel if you are sane.  If you believe that human life is sacred, that there are absolute values and morals, and that the family unit is sacred, you adhere to a counter-cultural message.  It brings to mind Isaiah 5:20: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness…”

I recently heard about a park bench that American Atheists bullied a city in Pennsylvania into removing from city property. The bench read: “Men who aren’t governed by God, will be governed by tyrants.” What a perfect illustration, full of irony, of the cultural dilemma we face today. The farther our society moves from God, the more tyranny at the hands of rabid liberalism we will face, until our rights are gone and we are no longer facing only social consequences for our beliefs, but real persecution. Personally, I would rather deal with some unpopularity today and in the meantime fight for my children’s rights to free speech and the freedom to think outside of the secular agenda.



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