Prayer for Faith

The faith of Peter, bold and deep, Like raging waters on which he stept; Early named you Son of God, When pained you, with much bitterness wept.   The faith of Noah, tho’ faced with scorn, What edifice of faith he built! Those waters of destruction great, Their roar, his faith, they could not wilt.… Continue reading Prayer for Faith


Pregnancy and Pro-Choice: The Mental Divide

Read enough pregnancy websites/blogs/magazines and you will witness an incredible phenomenon: the authors, many of whom are undoubtedly pro-choice, speak of the unborn with excitement and maternal fondness, saying things like “Your sweet little one already has fingernails!” or “…is the size of a lemon!” or “Eat healthy, because whatever you eat, baby eats!”.  You… Continue reading Pregnancy and Pro-Choice: The Mental Divide